Commercial and Farm Catwalks
Manufacturing and Fabrication of Grain Industry Products
Mid-States Material Handling & Fabrication produces high quality grain industry products. We have efficient design, production and manufacturing on all custom products. Our goal is to exceed the expectations and needs of our clients.

Mid-States Material Handling & Fabrication is a large manufacturing facility located in Nevada, Iowa. We have tripled our manufacturing equipment capabilities in just three years, and we continue to grow with our expanding product line and specialized custom orders. We are central Iowa's primary source of grain industry products and we provide products to sites across the midwest, including, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas and Texas.

Mid-States Material Handling & Fabrication Products

MMF produces a huge variety of custom parts including, square spouts, transitions, gates, spouting valves and slide gates. We assemble conveyor chains and paddles, gates, motors and square spouts. We also make custom load out tanks, bucket elevators, conveyors, catwalks and towers. Our capabilities are diverse and we only employ expert welders and designers so that we can give our customers the very best product possible.

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Mid-States Material Handling & Fabrication Projects

MMF partners with our sister company, Mid-States Millwright & Builders, to construct the products we manufacture. We provide our customers a start to finish process because of our partnership with MMB. We take our customers from design to production, and the MMB construction professionals give them a finished construction site they will be proud of.

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Mid-States Material Handling & Fabircation Equipment

Our manufacturing facility is efficient and is set up with state of the art equipment. Along with our design team, our crews assemble, weld and construct with great precision, a high quality product that we guarantee will meet our customer's needs.

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